Help me I am lost -12 songs

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These 12 songs shot with beautiful nature scenes and/or actors tell the story of the love of Jesus in saving us and leading us through hard times and changing us in the process to become less selfish and more loving like Him. 

DVD - 12 songs

DVD Help me I am lost -12 songs



Child of Joy

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"Child of Joy" (from the CD "Help me I am lost" by 5 to Midnight) is about God the Father's love for his lost child. If you or someone you know is trapped by wild and dangerous living, thinking it might bring them happiness, this song may show them that there is a Love greater and more powerful than they can imagine that can set them free.

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Love is down

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This original song was written by Ken after he gave food to a homeless person. After refusing the alcohol offered to Ken by the man, Ken tells him about the love of Jesus and then a miracle happens...

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Savanna is a Christian song about faith being tested and the peace that comes when one decides to trust Jesus no matter what. Just like the vast and empty Savanna grasslands of Africa have to wait on the rain to change it into a land of plenty so do we ...

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Deep in the Winter

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After a long fast and spending time alone with Jesus the words of this song just came to me. I believe God gave it to encourage me for what was to come. If you are hurting and wondering why life is sometimes so unfair this video will uplift and strengthen you.

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You're the Way

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"Now who needs God when all goes well?", many of us might think. But it's a known fact that when trouble or even death shows its ugly face we are quick to call out :"God please help me!" This song states the fact: Jesus is the only Way in the night.

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