1. Love Is Down

From the recording LOVE IS DOWN - it's FREE!

One year after being saved from suicide by the love of Jesus on Christmas day 1984, Ken and I spend Christmas day visiting with homeless folks. We cooked a lot of curry for them and as Ken gave it to one man he said: "Jesus loves you". The man replied: "I just asked God if He didn't care about me", so Ken shared the good news with this man and this inspired his song "Love is Down"


Composed by Kenneth Campbell Esplin
Ooh love is down when you're face down on the ground
But old man ooh love is found, get yourself up from the ground

I was walking in this shadowland of the down and outs of life
Little groups of people here and there with no hope at all just strife
And as I looked away under a tree I saw him sitting there
And his face it bore the roads of pain his eyes filled up with despair
I said now
Repeat chorus
Gold and silver sir have I not, but if you'll listen now to me
I will tell you of a Love so great it will surely set you free
So rise on up my friend for at this hour your time for truth has come
And I will give to you the gift of life God's one and only Son
I said now
Repeat chorus
The time has come my friend is it heaven or is it hell
Now it's time to make a choice while your heart still beats so well
You know you've been a prisoner, sir of self, lust, and desire,
But if you choose Jesus now He will save you from the fire
Repeat chorus
Ask forgiveness sir for the life you've lead and for Jesus to come in
And as he said these words he began to cry as God freed him from his sin
And as he fell down there upon his knees no more was this man alone
On his face a smile for all to see he had an everlasting home
Repeat chorus
Acts 3:6-8, Revelations 3:20, 1John1:9, John 8:34-36 ,Luke 4:18-19