Why does God allow me to suffer?

Our Book, Escape from Laodicea, CD, and DVD will answer this question with inspirational stories, songs, and short films and bring you closer to Jesus. Trust Him. He has not abandoned you. He is finishing the work He started in you.

We do not usually seek God out until things become hard, and He knows that. That is why He allows the "desert experience" to happen in our lives so we may turn away from all our frivolous, self-seeking occupations and cry out to Him and subsequently find the rest, peace, and joy that only Jesus can bring.  

It is during the hard, dry seasons of our physical lives, away from all the distractions and false security of worldly treasures, that we grow closest to our Creator and truly become fulfilled.

We hope that our beloved Jesus will encourage you who are hurting and question God's love for you with our songs, Ken's short stories, and our short films.

 "This Album will free you from the grips of depression. There is an intimacy in this CD that will take anchor deep within your heart." Dr. Pamela Monday, Texas, USA  

No one knows the day or hour that He comes, but are you living as if it is 5 to Midnight?


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