1. Jesus My Lord

From the recording Help me I am Lost Album

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Many years ago when teaching in a public school during the day and working as a musician in a band at night that my heart became so restless that I finally asked Jesus to take away everything that was between Him and me and 15 minutes after my prayer the band was fired! My life changed from that moment on. "Jesus my Lord" is one of the songs that came bubbling out of my heart at that time. Jesus showered me with His goodness and grace, forgave my sins, and healed my heart and I knew then I could trust Him forever. Jesus my Savior also became Jesus, my Lord, my Friend, my Security and He undertook to take care of me for the rest of my life.
Jesus is the most loving, unselfish, and faithful Friend one could ever have. He knows you and cares for you more than you could ever imagine.


Composed by Catharina Esplin

You lift me up time after time
When I'm in need Your strength is mine
Jesus my Lord my Friend my Security
You are everything to me

I gave all I had that day I trusted You
And now You`ll never leave me my life is strong and new
Jesus my Life my Strenght and my Surety
You are everything to me

On You, I depend Oh no not man
For see how they failed me time after time again

And when I can't see past mountains
Dark clouds surround me it's Your light in me that guides me
You're the truth that sets me free
Jesus my Lord my Friend my Security
You are everything my Way and My Surety
You are everything to me
Psalm 25:4-5, 46:1-3, 62:6 ,146:3, Isaiah 2:22, 42:16