1. Child of Joy

From the recording Help me I am Lost Album

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God spoke to my heart for a long time and convicted me to leave my sinful life behind and follow Him. After I left the bandleader I was living with I moved in with my brother and his family. I woke up one morning early and longed to be close to Jesus so I started reading my Bible. I started to write down the things I felt God was saying to me through His Word and the words of CHILD OF JOY just came flowing out. Later that week I added music to it.


Composed by Catharina Esplin

I have called you even long before you were born
How I've longed to touch you
Every time when you were in mourn
But you slipped away so very far away little child
Don't you hear my voice?

I have called you to be My very special child of joy
And every time when you ran ahead
I had to stop those who destroy
For you are precious you`re beautiful My very own
Precious child of joy
And I am here if you ever want to turn back
With arms open wide
For in My blessings there'll be no lack
'Cause in this world of hate and fear
There's love and peace and joy for you
For I am right here

Whoever told you that I'm way up there
And that I never weep
Or never long to draw you near
Oh My love for you is so deep
And I understand the way you feel right now
Precious child of joy
Repeat chorus
Mathew 11:28-30,Luke 15:11-24