1. All of Me

From the recording Help me I am Lost Album

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"ALL Of ME" is the last of the 12 songs on our CD "HELP ME I AM LOST" about our true life experiences in walking with God. The spiritual journey that started with a declaration of God`s love for us as portrayed in Ken`s song "I GAVE IT ALL TO YOU" now ends with my song: "LORD I GIVE YOU ALL OF ME". Indeed, in looking back I see that the songs on this album have portrayed our walk with Jesus: His love in calling us to come to Him and find forgiveness and rest for our souls... His love in leading us through hardships and drawing us closer to Him in this process of change and His love for us in bringing us to a genuine and total surrender to Him through good and hard times. This ongoing work of love, I suppose will only end on the day we go home to be with Him eternally.


Composed by Catharina Esplin

Lord, I give you all of me
'Cause You gave me all of You on Calvary
Oh, Jesus Lord Jesus, Your pain has set me free
You suffered not in vain my Lord You've got victory

And when they cursed at You
And mocked Your Holy name
Just like I once did too
You still took the blame

Repeat chorus
And when they tore Your back
Crowned You with bleeding pain
You knew I wouldn't lack
Healing came like rain

And on that long and dusty road
You stumbled and fell
Carried my burdens
With Your love, You made me well

Chorus 2x
Lord, I give You all of me
'Cause You gave me all of You on Calvary

Isaiah 53