Original Songs About God's Love

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Most people will agree that life is not easy and the world is getting darker. What do you do when sickness grips you, money runs out, friends desert you, and your future looks bland? Turn to God. God has led us through hard times to write about it and strengthen others. We hope that our uplifting songs about God will encourage you during trials. Our Duo, 5 to Midnight, produced a CD with 10 original songs about God’s love on our Help Me I Am Lost album. Two of those songs you may download for free.

Learn About Our Story 

God has helped us through many difficult times, and we wrote about that in our book and our songs. We never had to sit and think to write a song. All of our original songs about God’s love just came while we worshiped God. They were born out of struggle and hardships. When we were down, Ken would play his guitar, or I would play the piano and sing uplifting songs about God, and then the inspiration would come, and original songs about God’s love would happen spontaneously. Often we became aware of the Presence of God, and our anxiety and depression disappeared. Sometimes we had a recorder running, and later on, we listened to it and then re-recorded it in our studio. We have quoted some songs in our book, Escape from Laodicea, because the message is similar. We hope that the uplifting songs about God and our book will encourage you to draw close to Him and draw you into His presence. 

We have included more information about our song-writing process and the inspiration behind each song on our website.

Download Our Original Songs 

We have made downloading our songs easy. Feel free to listen to a sample of each song below. Then, you can purchase either the whole album, Help me I am lost by 5 to Midnight or individual songs. We accept PayPal or a credit/debit card. After your purchase is processed, we will send you an email receipt. 

We also offer two of our original songs as free downloads. “Basement” and “Love Is Down” can be downloaded and shared with friends for free.

Help me I am Lost Album


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You can download the entire album or individual songs. Click the Play button next to any song to listen to a short sample of it. May God bless you as you listen to it.

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Feel free to download these 2 songs below and share it with your friends and family!

Maybe it will help someone you love.

Some of these songs are in our book. If you are going through a hard time, it will inspire you to keep walking.