Help me I am lost - CD

Deep encouraging Gospel music for those who are hurting or going through hard times.This music will free you from the grips of depression. There is an intimacy in these songs that will take anchor deep within your heart.

"The songs on this album have portrayed our walk with Jesus:

  • His love in calling us to come to Him and find forgiveness and rest for our souls...(Songs 1-6)The 
  • His love in leading us through hardships and drawing us closer to Him in this process of change...(songs 7-11) 
  • His love for us in bringing us to a genuine and total surrender to His will. (Song 12)

This ongoing work of love, I suppose will only end on the day we go home to be with Him eternally." Catharina

"Every time your music is used on one of our programs we get so many enquiries. Really, people love your music. I pray that you will make more beautiful music and keep on blessing people with the talents God has given you. Do not forget to send a copy to our station."
Kedibone Rayner asst Music coordinator RADIO PULPIT South Africa.

5 to Midnight: Help Me I Am Lost